My Climate Research Initiative is an online network for citizen science documenting environmental change over time. Join us to share your climate research projects with other students and citizen scientists worldwide.

My-CRI Buttons:

Have you discovered a My-CRI.org button fixed to a rock, bench, or tree? These buttons mark photo points. Each position has been recorded by GPS and is being monitored photographically.

Are you the land-owner or steward? We hope you don’t mind that we’re taking pictures here. If you’d like to ask questions or want us to remove the button, please contact us at mycri@gmail.com. To learn more about your local climate monitoring project, click here.

Are you a photographer? (Or just own a phone with a camera?) Please take a few pictures from the My-CRI button’s location and add them to our crowd-sourced database. As the photos add up, we’ll start making time-lapse movies from everyone’s pictures. To learn more about your local climate monitoring project, click here.

No MyCRI Buttons but you want to help?

Don’t have an ongoing study? Then add your photos to our databank, where your fellow students, adventure travelers, and backyard explorers are helping scientists keep track of our evolving world. We’re building crowd-sourced time-lapse photography that will monitor retreating glaciers, advancing seasons, rising seas, and pretty much everything else that’s affected by weather.

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